Baby Patterns

My favorite knitting projects are for Babies however, I find sizing can be confusing when knitting Baby items The Craft Yarn Council Site has a size chart that is good for Baby sweater sizing and Bev’s Country Cottage has an abundance of information and patterns. I have found Crochet Rochelle has a very useful hand size chart. The pictures below are examples of items I have made, the Baby Patterns link above has a list of available patterns.

Cocoon, Blanket, Snuggle Wraps, Foot Muff, Sleeping Bag,
Sweater, Pants, Mitts

My all time favorite baby sweater is the “5 hour Baby Sweater” it is so versatile and it can be made for a boy or a girl. I got my original copy of the pattern from Woolworks . Over the years I have made it into a set by adding a hat, mittens and booties, I have downsized it for a Preemie version and up-sized it for a Toddler version. I have made the Fiber Gypsy’s hooded version and Ó Gail Bable’s boy version not forgetting the variety of options on Bev’s Country Cottage site.

5hr Baby Sweater