Preemie Snuggle Wrap

Preemie to 6mths Baby Snuggle Wrap Downsized from Stitch Me Softly Baby Snuggle Wrap Knitting Pattern © 2011-2012 Elisalex de Castro Peake. All rights reserved.

Preemie Snuggle Wrap ©Linda Butler 2013

The original Snuggle Wrap pattern is sized to fit Newborn to 6 months, the overall size is 27¾” x 29½”. 
I downsized the original pattern for a 2lb to 6lb Preemie. 
I started with the hood so that I could knit to the end of my ball of yarn, this made the finished body length 17”. 
To reduce the risk of an allergic reaction I used Lily Sugar’n Cream (100% cotton) yarn.

Size: 6lb Preemie 5lb Preemie 4lb Preemie 3lb Preemie 2lb Preemie
Total: 28″ x 29″ 26″ x 27” 24″ x 25” 22″ x 23″ 20″ x 21”
Body: 28″ x 20⅓” 26″ x 19″ 24″ x 17⅔” 22″ x 16⅓” 20″ x 15″
Hood: 13″ x 8⅔” 12″ x 8” 11″ x 7⅓” 10″ x 6⅔” 9″ x 6”
Seam: 6½” 6″ 5½” 5″ 4½”
Shoulder to Seat Back 8¼” 8¼” 8¼” 8¼” 8¼”
Front Seat Buckle Slot 4” 4” 4” 4” 4”
Shoulder to Seat Front Buckle Slot 12¼” 12¼” 12¼” 12¼” 12¼”
Feet 7¾” 7¼” 5¾” 5¼” 4¾”
Overall 20” 19” 18” 17” 16”

Materials: 1 Super Sized 3oz Ball of Lily Sugar’n Cream Weight Category 4 Yarn (100% cotton) in Summer Prints, US7/4.5mm, yarn needle to sew in tails, little scissors.

Gauge: 4½sts/5rows = 1”. 

Hood: The Pattern is written for the largest size with smaller sizes in brackets ( ). Using a waste yarn cast on method and leaving a tail of yarn long enough to make a seam cast on edge later. Cast On 52 (48, 44, 40, 36)sts.
Work 6sts border st, Purl to last 6sts, work border st.

Reverse Stitches from the center out:
Row 1: S1p/w, work 5 border sts, work to last 6 border sts, work 5 border sts, K1tbl.
Row 2: S1p/w, work 5 border sts, work to last 6 border sts, work 5 border sts, K1tbl.
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 keeping continuity of border sts until work measures approximately 9” (8”, 7”, 6”, 5”) from cast on edge.

Neck: Row 1: Cast On 30 (28, 26, 24, 22)sts for Front, PM, work across hood which now becomes the back, work as before working the first 6sts in border st, work in st. st to last 6 sts, work in border st.
Row 2: Cast On 30 (28, 26, 24, 22)sts for Front, PM, work across the back as before working first 6 hood stitches in border st, work in st. st to marker (last 30 (28, 26, 24, 22)sts), work last 6 hood stitches in border st.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 as established 2 more times (for a total of 6 rows).

Body: Return to working border sts on the first and last 6sts only and work as previously established between border sts for the Body. 112 (104, 96, 88, 80)sts.
Continue to work straight until body measures 20″ (19″, 18″, 17”, 16”) from Neck cast on edge.

Hem: work 6 rows in border st on all stitches.
Bind/Cast off.

Hood Seam

Hood seam: Undo waste yarn at cast on edge and divide stitches between 2 double-pointed needle (or slip them a second time in order to get your needle points matching up). Fold the hood panel as pictured seam with either a 3 needle bind-off or the Kitchener stitch.

Neck Fastening: Using a crochet hook, join your yarn at an outside shoulder corner, chain 10, rejoin with a slip stitch at the same point you started to create a loop. Break off yarn and sew in tails.  Join yarn at a point on the opposite inside shoulder, chain 40, break off yarn leaving a few inches of yarn to spare.  Make a mini pom-pom with a scrap of a contrasting yarn, or the same yarn, and attach it securely to the long chain (a simple reef-knot works well).  Now you can feed the chain through the loop to fasten it. Alternatively a button can be used instead of the long chain.