Easy-fit Fingerless Mitts

My Version of Easy-fit Ribbed Fingerless Mitts

Adapted by LindaButler ©2014 from Original pattern by Carolyn Block’s original Easy-fit Ribbed Fingerless Mitts ©2013 pattern can be downloaded from Ravelry

In My version I have used K1, P1 Rib and I have made the cuff 2” longer (to make them in stockinet stitch every round would be Knit or Garter stitch would be 1 round Knit and 1 round Purl). Because the base of my fingers are not straight across I add 2 rounds of shaping, once you have made a pair of mittens or gloves using this shaping I am confident you will add it to all your patterns. I knit loose so I reduced the number of stitches cast on and used smaller needles.

My Fingerless Mitts

SIZE: One Size, About 6½” (16.5cm) circumference. Cuff will stretch to fit many sizes.

MATERIALS: 1 ball of any weight category 4 yarn, a set each of Size US6/4mm & US5/3.75mm DPN’s, Large-Eye Blunt Needle.

GAUGE Knit: 20sts/24rnds = 4” (10cm) in K1, P1 Rib, BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE. If it takes you fewer stitches and rows try using a smaller size needle; if more stitches and rows, try a larger size needle.

Cuff: with size US6/4mm cast on 32sts, work in K1, P1 Rib until piece measures 1” (6 rounds), change to smaller size US5/3.75mm needles and work 3” (18 rounds) more. (Option: Work 4” on larger size needle).

Gusset: I have made Stockinet and Reverse Stockinet Gusset (shown right)in addition toa Ribbed Gusset, return to the larger size needles to continue.

  • Round 1: Rib 15, PM, M1P, [Purl or Rib 3], M1P, PM, Rib 14 (34sts).
  • Rounds 2-4: Rib 3 rounds.
  • Repeat Rounds 1-4 three more times (40sts, 11 between markers).
  • Round 17: Rib 14, Loosely Bind off next 12 Gusset stitches, Rib 14 (28sts).
  • Palm: Round 1: Rib 14, Cast On 4 Replacement Gusset stitches, Rib 14 (32sts).
  • Round 2: Rib.
  • Round 3 Shaping: Rib to last 5 stitches wrap and turn, Rib to last 5 stitches wrap and turn, Rib to last 9 stitches wrap and turn, Rib to last 9 stitches wrap and turn, Rib to beginning end.
  • Round 4: Rib.

Loosely Bind off (I use a decrease bind off), secure and weave end into the inside.

  • Optional Thumb: Place 12 Gusset stitches on 2 needles Pick up 4 stitches at base of palm. Join yarn work 16 stitches in your established pattern to the required length for example:
  • 3 Rounds=approximately ½”. Loosely Bind off, secure and weave end into the inside.
  • To cover thumb 15 Rounds=approximately 2½”, followed by 1 round K2tog (8sts).
  • Thread yarn through remaining stitches, secure and weave end into the inside.

Abbreviations BO = Bind off EOR = End of round Kfb = Knit into the front and back of the same stitch. (1 st increased) PM = Place marker LHN = Left hand needle RHN = Right hand needle RS = Right side WS = Wrong side WYIF = With yarn in front

Tip: To ensure an exact match in mitt lengths, count the number of rows for each section when knitting the first mitt and repeat these numbers for second mitt.