Being cold is no fun, Being cold and itchy is even less fun, in my opinion Being Warm Does Not Have To Be An Itchy Ordeal . Clothing made with cotton yarn is warm, soft and “snuggly”, usually it does not itch. It is fun to work with because it does not irritate your hands. You can enjoy the comfort of machine washable cotton yarns available in an abundance of colors.

(if you are allergic to dyes – you can get natural un-dyed or natural dyed yarns)
Sometimes adjusting the needle size is all that is needed to use cotton yarn with your favorite pattern. I have successfully used Peaches & Creme®, Lion Brand®, Bernat®, Lily®, Patons® and Hobby Lobby cotton yarns for my projects.

My preference is to use wooden needles I have a collection of Straight, Short Double Pointed and Short Circular needles in the sizes I use most US3 to US9.

I have a set of Denise Interchangeable needles sizes US5 to US15 in my opinion they are well worth the investment as they are so versatile.

My Knitting Machine is a Brother KX350  Home Knitter Mid-Gauge:  6.5-7mm (circa 1987 Brother Industries Ltd, Japan). It was a great buy from Ebay and other than cleaning it had been kept in good condition.

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