Bind Off onto Elastic

Ways to Bind Off onto Elastic

Crochet Bind Off onto Elastic:

This Crochet Tutorial shows how to how to crochet bind off a bun cover onto elastic. This Technique has many uses.

Round 1

Round 1: sc dec in each stitch around.

Round 2: work through your stitches and into the hairband, sc around the band attaching it to your project. Ch 1 cut your yarn leaving enough to be worked into the project with a tapestry needle.

Round 2

Another option is to Graft onto the hair elastic as follows:

Cut the yarn leaving a tail several feet long, about ¾” (2 cm) for each st plus extra to weave in. The yarn will come from the last st of the previous round; begin with the first st on the first needle. Pass the needle through the first st from back to front as shown.


Pass the needle over the top of the elastic and behind it. Pass the needle through the first st again from front to back, then through the second st from back to front. Slip the first st off the needle and tighten yarn. Repeat for each st. Weave in tails.


Ponytail hats with Stretchy Band the Complete Tutorial can be found here with pictures.

Do your pattern of choice, then when you get to your decrease stitches, do this as follows.

  • First, insert needle as to knit in first stitch.
  • Second, loop elastic ponytail holder over back needle tip.
  • Third, bring working yarn around to the right side of needle and around the back of back needle tip.
  • Fourth, pull working yarn down and hold to the side of your needle.
  • Fifth, pull elastic band off needle tip, holding it to the right side.
  • Sixth, slide off your stitch.
  • Seventh, now your yarn is inside of your elastic band.
  • Eighth, knit this stitch.
  • Ninth, go back to first step, every other stitch you do, will be a loop.
  • Tenth step left….go back to second step every other stitch you do, will be a loop.
  • When all stitches are done, you can either bind off, or you can knit around again, depending how many rows you want.

This sounds complicated but it is a similar procedure to weaving a second piece of yarn.