My Masks

Not Knitting – This is My Solution to making a mask comfortable enough to help with My C.O.P.D. Shortness of Breath Issues, reduce My Sinus Irritation and My Glasses Fogging Up. This might not work for anyone else but it works for me.

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My Masks

I have made 2 layer cotton masks with a pocket for a PM2.5 carbon filter which is working well to filter outside contaminants like pollen, dust, and smells. It has reduced the amount of airborne residue I inhale from the cleaning/sanitizing chemicals, etc. reducing the severity of my sinus irritation.
Because the build up of exhaled air was limiting the time I could wear the mask before getting short of breath I added an exhale valve in the outer layer with the filter and second layer between me and the valve, not only is it helping my breathing it is reducing my glasses fogging up.

The original mask patterns and supplies were from Joann’s I found additional supplies on I even found a ready made mask on Etsy from trendymaddie that just needs the exhale valve adding I got my exhale valves on Etsy from FuzzyCrate.